The Grove Building

Church Street, Mere

Making a Booking

  1. Download a copy of the Check List to guide you.  

  2. Check availability on the Calendar to see whether the facilities are free on the date(s) and time(s) you require. 

  3. Look at the Charges page to find out the current rates.

  4. Make your provisional reservation by phone to the
    Bookings Secretary on 07935 266375


Please download the 2 documents below:

Please download both, print, complete, sign and submit:

Please note:

  1. Bookings will ONLY be confirmed and entered into our booking system on receipt of both the above forms at least 2 full weeks prior to your event date along with 'Full' payment.

  2. Bookings are generally taken on a first come, first served basis - however there may be occasions when it will be necessary to give priority to another group. The final decision remains the responsibility of the Grove Management Team.

  3. Cheques should be made payable to PCC of Mere please.

  4. You should confirm everything just prior to your event so that arrangements can be made for you to gain access to the building on your special day.
    We don't want you standing outside in the rain!

Legal things outside our control:

Under certain circumstances it becomes a Legal Requirement that the 'Hirer' has to secure a 'Temporary Events Notice' (TEN) from the local Council.

1. if you wish to sell alcohol
2. if you are charging for entry to a dance with live music
3. paying for musicians to play etc.

The Management Committee of the Grove Building DOES NOT hold a Premises or Entertainment licence.  

EVERYONE making a booking has a duty to familiarise themselves with these regulations and has a legal responsibility to secure such a licence.

You should NOT apply for a TEN unless this has first been approved by the Chairman or the Booking Secretary.
We provide 2 helpful documents in this regard and you can access them  here:       

Advice         Regulations

You can also go straight to the Council website to download a blank TENs form

(Committee Members have a legal duty to ensure that all users comply in this regard and have the powers to act where a TEN is required and has not been obtained).


If you do not wish to do your own catering then we do have a list of people/organisations willing to help.
Please just get in touch for the contact info.